KODAK USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Enjoy USB 3.0 performances! Ideal to store, carry and share all your files: data, music, photos and videos.

KODAK Classic K103 Series

USB Flash Drives K103

KODAK Cap&Body series

  • Enjoy USB 3.0 performances!
  • Exclusive cap&body design
  • With transparent yellow USB neck for a touch of elegance
  • Pocket size: L54xW12xD6mm
  • Capacities: from 8 to 256GB
  • Tip: Don’t lose the cap, simply clip it on the back of the drive!

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Product Description SKU Case Quantity
KODAK USB3.0 K100 8GB EKMMD8GK103 5/Case
KODAK USB3.0 K100 16GB EKMMD16GK103 5/Case
KODAK USB3.0 K100 32GB EKMMD32GK103 5/Case
KODAK USB3.0 K100 64GB EKMMD64GK103 5/Case
KODAK USB3.0 K100 128GB EKMMD128GK103 5/Case
KODAK USB3.0 K100 256GB EKMMD256GK103 5/Case
USB Flash Drives K103 Pack